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Fuel Products

BIG OAT’S Oil Field Supply delivers home heating oil, residential propane and fuels to Northeast Ohio. We carry a full line of petroleum based products including home heating oil #1 and #2, gasoline, Ultra Low Sulfur on/off road diesel, kerosene, propane, DEF products and commercial lubricants.

We have competitive fuel prices and would like the opportunity to compete for your business.
Our mission is to be the best fuel supplier in Northeast Ohio; we will combine exceptional customer service with our buying power to bring you our best price possible. Our customers appreciate the way we do business and we know you will too. Take a moment to give us a call for our competitive fuel prices and exceptional customer service. Let us work for you.

Big Oats Coverage Map

  • Home Heating Oil #1
  • Home Heating Oil #2
  • Residential Propane Delivery and On Site Propane Tank Fills to 100# 
  • On and Off Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • Home Heating Oil #1
  • Home Heating Oil #2
  • On and Off Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • Propane
  • Residential Propane Delivery
  • Automatic Fill Program
  • Monthly Budget Plan
  • HEAP
Consumers have options with BIG OAT’S Automated Delivery. We will ensure that your tank remains full without you ever having to call or check on it. This is a great option for heating oil customer who are leaving town throughout the winter or just do not want the concern of running out of heating oil.

Budget Plans are available so our customers have the flexibility to spread the cost of home heating oil throughout the year. Budget Plans allow customers to pay one flat rate each month. Typically Budget Plan customers are also enrolled in our Automated Delivery Program for convenience.

Heating and Energy Assistance Program accepted. http://www.development.ohio.gov/community/ocs/heap.htm

Need a tank? No problem BIG OAT’S carries all sizes of fuel tanks. We sell, rent, and loan fuel tanks. GPI and Fill-Rite pumps are in stock. BIG OAT’S carries a full line of fuel accessories. Call us for more information.

Fill your fleet at BIG OAT’S with our key card program. We supply each truck and driver with a specific key card and track fueling for you, then we send you a monthly bill outlining when your driver fueled up and how much, convenience at its best.

  • Ultra Low Sulfur On Road Diesel
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Off Road Diesel
  • Gasoline

  • Rotella T – Heavy Duty Engine Oils
DA Lubricants
  • Speed Sport Motor Oil
  • Greases
  • Hydrolic Fluid
  • Tractor Hydrolic Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Gear Lube
Kost USA
  • DEF
Diesel Exhaust Fluid – DEF is a urea-based chemical reactant designed specifically for use in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems to reduce NOx emissions. DEF is required for new diesel engines equipped with SCR. We carry 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 55 gallon, 330 gallon totes and soon to come bulk delivery.
  • Anti-Freeze
  • DefendAL Universal
  • DefendAL Universal 50/50
  • DefendAL Global AEL
  • DefendAL AEL 50/50
  • DefendAL HD Pre-Charged
  • DefendAL HD Pre-Charged 50/50
  • DefendAL Global HD
  • DefendAL HD ELC
  • DefendAL HD ELC 50/50
  • DefendAL NF HD ELC
  • DefendAL NF HD ELC 50/50
HOT – Heating Oil Treatment

HOT 4 in 1 is the best at:
  • Dispersing water. 
    HOT 4 in 1 disperses any normal accumulation of water in a tank, turning it into a combustible solution.
  • Getting rid of sludge. 
    HOT 4 in 1's specially formulated chemical base dissolves the sludge into a combustible substance in such a way as not to clog nozzles while assuring clean filters and strainers.
  • Improving atomization and reducing soot. 
    HOT 4 in 1 eliminates sludge so the fuel oil reaching the nozzles is clean. This will mean improved atomization takes place and soot is reduced substantially. Ultimately resulting in more complete combustion, less smoke and better fuel economy.
  • Preventing waxing and gelling. 
    HOT 4 in 1 will disperse the water that causes fuel line and fuel filter icing. Also during the coldest days of winter, fuel oil in outdoor tanks can cease to flow. The reason is paraffin wax, always present in fuel oil, develops crystals when the fuel oil reaches it's "cloud point" temperature. When these crystals are totally formed at the "pour point" temperature, the fuel oil ceases to flow. HOT 4 in 1 will lower the cold filter plug point (CFPP) and the pour point of fuel and will prevent waxing and gelling.
BIG OAT’S offers the best prices in the area on Power Service products, whether for your fleet, farm or personal vehicles you won’t find a better price anywhere. If for some reason you do, let us know and we will beat it.


Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane Boost
  • Prevents fuel gelling in temperatures as low as -40°
  • Equals performance of a 50/50 blend of No.1 and No. 2 diesel fuels
  • Lowers Cold-Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) as much as 36° - keeps fuel filters from plugging with was
  • Boosts cetane up to 4 numbers faster cold starts
  • Contains anti-icing additives – protects against fuel-filter icing
  • Contains wax anti-settling dispersants – protects against fuel-filter plugging at temperatures below the fuel cloud point
  • Contains slickdiesel for maximum fuel lubrication – protects fuel injectors and pumps against accelerated wear from Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULDS) fuels
  • Boosts Power – reduces need for downshifting during high-load conditions
  • Disperses water in diesel fuel
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and biodiesel blends containing up to 20% biodiesel (B20)

Diesel 911 For Winter Emergencies
  • De-ices frozen fuel filters
  • Prevents fuel-filter icing
  • Reliquefies gelled fuel in minutes
  • Removes water from fuel system – extends life of fuel-filters, fuel-injection pumps and fuel injectors
  • Contains Slickdiesel for maximum fuel lubrication – protects against Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel wear
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and biodiesel blends containing up to 20% biodiesel (B20)
Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost
  • Cleans dirty injectors – including High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) injectors
  • Boosts cetane up to 6 numbers – engines run smoother with less power lag and faster cold starts
  • Decreases fuel consumption up to 8% - fuel savings exceed cost of additive
  • Boosts Power – reduces need for downshifting during high-load conditions
  • Contains Slickdiesel for maximum fuel lubrication – protects fuel injectors and pumps against accelerated wear from Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels
  • Prevents thermal/oxidative breakdown of diesel fuel – protects against sludge formation that plugs fuel-filters and injectors
  • Stabilizes stored fuel
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and biodiesel

Clear-Diesel Fuel and Tank Cleaner
  • Disperses diesel fuel contaminants
  • Removes Water
  • +PetroFresh provides maximum long-term storage and stability – keeps fuel fresh
  • Prevents premature fuel-filter icing
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) compliant
  • Effective in all diesel fuels including ULSD biodiesel

Bio Kleen Diesel Fuel Biocide
  • Dual-Phase – effective in both diesel fuel and water as recommended by major diesel engine manufacturers
  • Effective as a "quick-kill” biocide and for long-term diesel fuel and maintenance
  • Kills microbes (bacteria and fungi) that grow in dispersed and free water associated with diesel fuels
  • Presents fuel-filter plugging – helps prevent fuel system failures
  • Protects fuel system components against organic acids created by microbial growth – prevents fuel tank corrosion
  • Improves fuel performance
  • Reduces engine maintenance costs
  • Burns similarly to diesel fuel (>106,000 BTU/Gal)
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) compliant – contains less than 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and biodiesel

Joe Semenovich
Fuel Manager

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